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Fair and Festival Calendar of Rajasthan
Fair & Festival Calendar of Rajasthan

Rajasthan has an unending cycle of fairs and festivals throughout the year. They are perhaps the most colourful and spectacular in the whole of India. Besides the festivals born out of age old traditions, there are others which celebrate seasons, cattle marts which turn out to be enthralling fairs, craft fairs that highlight the crafts of the different regions and so on. Rajasthani festivals give an insight to the colourful life style of the Rajasthani people and are mesmerizing with their folk dances, music, drama and animal races. Some of the main Fairs and festivals are Teej, Gangaur and the Pushkar Fair, Desert festival, Elephant Festival and the Camel festival which are now known worldwide.

For correct information about the dates and places, where the fair and festival are held annually. Premium India Tours Presents to you a Fair and Festival Calendar of Rajasthan starting from 2009 and ending on 2013.

Fair & Festival
2013 2014 2015 2016
Camel Festival
26-27 Jan.
15-16 Jan.
4-5 Jan.
Nagaur Cattle Fair
17-20 Feb.
6-9 Feb
26-29 Jan.
Desert Festival
23-25 Feb.
12-14 Feb.
1-3 Feb.
Beneshwar Fair
21-25 Feb.
10-14 Feb.
30 Jan-3 Feb.
Braj Festival
2-4 Feb.
2-4 Feb.
2-4 Feb.
Elephant Festival
26 Mar.
16 Mar.
5 Mar.
Kailadevi Fair
7 Apr.
28 Mar.
17 Mar.
Gangaur Festival
13-14 Apr.
2-3 Apr.
22-23 Mar.
Mewar Festival
13-15 Apr.
2-4 Apr.
22-24 Mar.
Mahaveerji Fair
20-25 Apr.
8-15 Apr.
28 Mar.-4 Apr.
Summer Festival
Mount Abu

23-25 May

12-14 May

2-4 May

Teej Festival
9-10 Aug.
30-31 July
17-18 Aug.
Kajli Teej
22-23 Aug.
12-13 Aug.
31 Aug.- 1 Sept.
Dussehra Festival
12-14 Oct.
1-3 Oct.
21-22 Oct.
Matasya Festival
12-13 Oct.
2-3 Oct.
21-22 Oct.
Marwar Festival
17-18 Oct.
7-8 Oct.
26-27 Oct.
Pushkar Fair
9-17 Nov.
30 Oct.- 6 Nov.
18-25 Nov.
Chandrabhaga Fair
16-18 Nov.
5-7 Nov.
24-26 Nov.
Winter Festival
Mount Abu
29-31 Dec.
29-31 Dec.
29-31 Dec

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