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India national parks

India national parks & wildlife sanctuaries travel information

Bandhavgarh National Park SafariIndia has a wealth of about 80 National Parks and 441 sanctuaries. Many of the wildlife sanctuaries and a few national parks have been established in erstwhile private hunting reserves of the British Raj and Indian aristocracy. Often, a park is better known for a particular animal. Thus Gir (Gujarat) is famous for its Asiatic lions, the Indian rhinoceros is the pride of Kaziranga (Assam), elephants steal the show in Periyar (Kerala), and tigers are synonymous with Kanha (Madhya Pradesh) and Bandhavgarh (Madhya Pradesh). The mangrove forests of Sunderbans are the unique habitat of the Royal Bengal Tiger. These are literally a living museum of nature's creations with a variety of animals, plants, landscapes and rock formations.


Though the Indian subcontinent has a great variety of wildlife, but the thick and dense forests account for poor visibility. The spotting of wild animals depends greatly on their habit and distinct daily and seasonal patterns of activity. The frequency of wildlife sightings in national parks and sanctuaries varies depending on the time of the year.


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National Parks of India